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American Society of Perfumers
WPC 2018

Quotes, Insights and Innovation

Vincent Kuczinski

"Nice, Grasse, the ASP and the WPC, what a perfect accord.”

Christopher Diienno

"The truth and value in fragrance lies in the Perfumers ability to express their artistry."

James Krivda

"The ASP is like most things in get out of it what you put into the it."


@DearPerfumarie is breaking the mold!

ASP Members are invited to collaborate with this unique NYC based discovery studio, innovation lab & open-access event and workshop space for multi-sensory experiences. Additional studios will be opened around the United States throughout next year!

The Society of Scent

Focusing on creation over production, an unconventional operation set on creating a new movement to put the spotlight back on the perfumer.

Cecile Hua

“The only limitation in perfumery is your imagination”


An artistic game of telephone creatively inspired to challenge artists to interpret one art form into an expression of another...


Sherri Sebastian

Perfumer and Founder become one!

Sebastian's Provisions offers the ultimate experience in self care. Addicting scents with sustainable and innovative ingredients.


A Caress You Cannot Forget

Exciting the public with new scents and tech, and insufflating transparency.

“Each scent should be considered like a painting, a sculpture or a beautiful short story.” - Christophe Laudamiel

The ASP welcomes brands, companies and members to collaborate in our artistic crusade.

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