A global community and marketplace for sensory adventurers, Perfumarie explores new boundaries in consumer insights and multi-sensory experiences:

  • Perfumarie plants seeds for fragrance connoisseurs by awakening people’s olfactive sense, educating them about scent and making creations and perfumers more accessible.
  • We provide a trusted platform for growth, development and empowerment for consumers, creators and businesses.
  • Our Members, the kindest critics, are rewarded whenever they contribute to our community, purchase or share. They play a role in the success of the brands within our little universe. They are invited to redefine fragrance as an expression of individuality and support the brands that they love.
  • “Passion is energy. We are here to ignite olfactory encounters and inspire deep wonder.

    Mindy Yang, Founder & CEO

    Laser-focused on emerging trends

    We have the pulse on blooming markets:

  • Shoppers are increasingly value-driven & price-conscious. Consumers often base their buying decisions on their personal perceptions of value. Value considers the balance between quality and price, and how a product fits into a consumer’s culture, lifestyle and social consciousness;
  • About 90% of US consumers use scented products;
  • Specialty beauty trends: natural & “clean” formulations and personalized fragrance experiences celebrating individuality& inclusivity are on the rise.

  • "

    “Perfumarie is reinventing the fragrance shopping experience... By giving consumers total control and allowing them to truly trust their senses, they can learn the intricacies of fragrance”

    Women's Wear Daily

    In our Innovation Lab, our network of sensory experts think along with you to inspire emotion, cultivate loyalty, develop new concepts, and collect priceless insights.

  • Men are increasingly interested in fragrance: 43% of our members are men
  • Millennials use fragrance more than any other generation.
  • Millennials & Fragrance Study by Hearst Digital & Cosmopolitan Magazine

    Our close partnership with universities allows us to deeply connect with Millennials and Generation Z:

  • They seek high-quality, authentic and original products.
  • Emotionally connected to their fragrances, they associate scents with a life stage or experience, to express their individuality, as an extension of their personal values.
  • Beyond generations and genders, we explore consumer behavior across all lifestyle touch points, from fashion & beauty to food & travel or health & wellness, etc.

    Anyone interested in the future of experiential retail need look no further than Mindy yang’s Perfumarie, where education meets olfactive playground meets shopping..."

    ~ Beauty Inc / WWD "Beauty 2050"

    The Shift in Retail

    Abundance of information= Competing for Attention:

    Having considerable forces at play in the market, the consumer path-to-purchase is rapidly evolving around the globe.

    Empowered by social networks and digital devices, consumers are increasingly dictating when, where and how they engage with brands.

    They have become both critics and creators, demanding a more personalized experience, and expecting to be given the opportunity to shape the products and services they consume.

    “Perfumarie is reimagining the way perfumers, consumers, brands and marketers approach the business of sensory perception.”

    Cosmetics Design Magazine

    Meet Our Members


  • > 30k shoppers with 3K active members since November 1st, 2017
  • Average time spent at the studio per person, per visit: > 45 minutes
  • Average time spent on perfumarie.com per person, per session: > 9 minutes
  • Only 30% of our members are married!

  • “Perfumarie helps members build and evolve a fragrance collection and ultimately form their own relationships with scents.”


    Our shoppers are well-traveled, educated and affluent. They live all over the world:

    A closer look:

    “A delicate combination of an artistic space and launching pad for brands with powerful messages. An incubator allowing a divine evaporation of boiling ideas and projects.”

    Christophe Laudamiel, Award-Winning Master Perfumer

    Work with us.

    Perfumarie is your partner for innovation, growth & empowerment:

  • Access: Connect with our growing community of passionate Perfumarie Members (consumers, press, & industry experts) from around the world.
  • Discovery Retail: Our open-access, immersive exhibition-style format is a unique space for storytelling, selling and brand-building. From our ever-evolving luxury-conscious curation to our interactive, multi-sensorial ‘perfume flight’, we provide a genuine & personalized experience that maximizes customer engagement and retention.
  • Brand Strategy & Management: As your incubator, springboard, growth-hacker & consulting partner, we are dedicated to helping you grow! Our services can include press & buyers’ introductions and retail campaigns.
  • Advisory & Insights: Rise beyond the noise and compete ahead of the curve! Perfumarie understands the interconnectedness of trends and evolves with the internet of things. Our Innovation Lab humanizes big data to offer you sharper value propositions. We help our clients gather valuable insights for immediate and long-term results.
  • Inspiring & Immersive Experiences: Through ongoing experiential & educational programming (tastings, team-building & training workshops, panel discussions, etc.), we help individuals and teams sharpen their olfactory senses, inspire creativity and innovate. We are a partner to your success and can custom design events (pop-ups, celebrations, etc.) according to your goals.
  • Collaborative & Sponsorship Opportunities: GROW TOGETHER is our mantra. Perfumarie believes in the power of partnerships. Let's explore how we can cross-pollinate and amplify our creative synergies!
  • Customized Solutions: Perfumarie is here to supplement your organizational initiatives. We recognize that no two clients have the same exact objectives, timeline and budget, so our work together will always be tailored to your needs.
  • The world is our oyster! Perfumarie also celebrates creativity, health, wellness, fashion and the arts.

    Perfumarie was named a winner for Consumer Experience by The Fragrance Foundation, along with Macy's, Gucci, YSL, RPG and Cartier.

    Love Is In The Air

    Please access our media scrapbook here.

    We invite you to explore your brand objectives with Perfumarie and join us in creating the future of fragrance together!

    "This incredible experience empowered me to truly chose the fragrance that I liked best regardless of marketing or branding. The team treated us like family and brought the artistry of fragrance to life!”

    Kelly McGuckin, Business Director, Fragrances at Macy's