Perfumarie is an sensory incubator, gathering place, and lab that unites the world of fragrance and flavors through education, collaborations, research, and dynamic engagements.

Inspiring Connections

an unforgettable session awaits...

As the world's first sensory tasting room, your time with us would begin with Perfumarie's Signature Fragrance Flight. From there, the experience will seamlessly transition into your own presentation.

An immersive experience

composed just for you...

Perfumarie offers special presentations by our Founder, Mindy Yang or our esteemed Luminaries. Our interactive sessions are designed to spark new emotional connections, enhance creativity, demystify and sharpen the senses.

Perfumarie can supplement trend forecasts or customize your events upon request, but below are some of our most popular events. For sales or educational teams that are seeking greater performance, we can take a deep dive into retail (selling) psychology together as well.

... A delicate combination of an artistic space and launch pad for brands with powerful messages. An incubator allowing a divine evaporation of boiling ideas and projects...

Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel

Sharpen Your Senses

Please choose your adventure:

Our signature fragrance flight is included with any of the three options below (normally $20 per person).

a. Perfumed Spirits

This multi-sensory tasting session with Perfumarie's Founder Mindy Yang will guide guests through a wondrous world of food and flavors. Together, we will smell deconstructed aromas and construct them together! Includes a light reception with one signature perfumed spirit (paired cocktail), flat and sparkling waters. $95/person for groups of 8-30. 2 Hours.

b. Creativity Spark

Let's explore colors, shapes, and emotions with fragrances as our trigger. This all-level workshop helps our guests activate their inner muse. Guests can smell raw material with our experts and blend their own scent as a take-away gift. $115/person for groups of 8-30. Includes refreshments & sensory-activation "snacks". Up to 2 Hours.

c. High Tea

Informative, fun, and interactive, this session explores our fragrant world by unlocking memories and sharing personal stories beyond marketing, branding, and commercial classifications. There will be tales of raw materials, rare accords, and perfumer's aroma molecules infused within our time together. This journey is presented with a thoughtful fare of aromatic popcorns, cheeses, tea sandwiches, and sweets. Refreshments include one signature perfumed spirits (cocktails), soft drinks, sparkling wine, coffee, teas, flat and sparkling waters. $150 person for groups of 8-30. 2 Hours.

For events with your own presentations, a la carte breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverage services are available:

Breakfast / $25/person: Assorted quiches, pastries, sliced seasonal fruit

Working Lunch / $25/person: Assorted sandwich platter, warm grains, cold salad, & cookies

Premium Lunch / $40/person: Warm seasonal offerings, vegetables, pasta, flatbreads, cheese, fruits, & pastries

Happy Hour / $55/person: Cocktails or wine, Mediterranean-style fruit & cheese platter, aromatic popcorn, & pastries

Basic Beverage Service / $5/person/hour: Coffee, assorted teas, soda, still & sparkling water

Snacks & Sweets / $6/person/per hour (~2 pieces per person): Seasonally selected cookies, cream puffs, cupcakes

Snack Bowls / $30 each: Select from mixed olives, spiced nuts, chips & guacamole, aromatic popcorn

NOTE: There is no outside beverage or food to be brought into Perfumarie unless previously approved by management. If beverage and/or food are approved, they are subject to an outside catering and corkage fee of $15/bottle.

Anyone interested in the future of experiential retail need look no further than Mindy yang’s Perfumarie, where education meets olfactive playground meets shopping..."

~ Womens Wear Daily

Emotion is essential to learning. For over 2 decades, Mindy Yang has produced unique experiences around the world to create lasting, inspired moments. Since our opening, we have trained thousands of consumers and hundreds of executives at our Discovery Studio.

Our team of experts are thrilled to take a deep dive with you too. We are confident that a few hours with us will spark a passion of a lifetime.

We're here for your questions!

Please contact Sarah Hsu by email.

Terms & Conditions | 1. Guarantee: Perfumarie must receive a guarantee of the exact number of guests 5 business days prior to the event. Perfumarie will calculate the total event cost based on this guarantee and the host will be responsible for 100% of the cost. If the guarantee is not received, Perfumarie will use the estimated guest count given at the time of booking as the event guaranteed count. The guaranteed count is not subject to a reduction. Perfumarie will defer to the final door click when adjusting for increases. Hosts are required to supply an alphabetized guest list in an Excel or Word document to reservations@perfumarie.com 12 hours prior to the event. Perfumarie will not grant access to any names that are not present on the guest list. No plus ones. Any guest lists exceeding 30 people may be required to provide one check-in assistant. 2. Deposit and Payment: Perfumarie requires the room hire to confirm the event. The deposit is nonrefundable or transferable, except for a Force Majeure event. The contracted amount is due in full 1 week prior to the event. Any Consumption items will be charged within 24 hours of the completion of the event. Payment can be made online via credit card, check, cash or wire transfer. Any late, returned, or Net-30 payments are subject to a 5% fee per week. In addition to the deposit, the contracted food order (plus tax and gratuity) and any additional production, vendor or facility fees are due 2 weeks prior to the Reception. The contracted beverage order is due 24 hours prior to the event. Any Consumption items will be charged within 24 hours of the completion of the event. Final payment must be made by check or credit card. 3. Agency-Client Rates: In order to take advantage of Agency Client rates, the client must be present for the duration of the event, acting as the event host and assuming responsibility for the event. If the client is unable to attend the entire event, full rates apply. 4. Cancellations: Except for a Force Majeure event, all cancellations occurring within 5 business days of the event date will result in being charged in full for the event, including all food and beverage charges for the guaranteed number of guests (plus tax and tip) and any other costs associated with event (rentals, etc.). For events with consumption bars, $15 per hour per person (plus tax and tip) will be charged for event cancellations occurring within 5 business days of the event date. 5. Event Time and Length: The event shall begin and end at the contracted times in the designated space reserved for the Hosts group, including agreed upon load in and load out. Please note that late arrivals could interfere with the timing and quality of service for your event. Private Event Rentals are for a maximum of 5 hours and will be charged $200 for each additional hour. Event extensions cannot be guaranteed. Any beverages consumed during that time will be charged upon consumption and will automatically be added to the final guest check. 6. Tax-exempt groups: Tax-exempt groups must provide a copy of a valid State Sales Tax Exempt Certificate prior to the event. The payee must be named as the exempt organization. 7. Vendors/Signage/Photography: *All outside vendors must be approved by Perfumarie Management no less than one week prior to the Event date and they are required to schedule a site visit with Perfumarie management. *All signage must be approved by management and must be professionally printed and freestanding. * Photography is prohibited at Perfumarie unless approved prior to the event by Perfumarie Management. All approved photography is restricted to the event space in which the party is taking place. Perfumarie requires a Certificate of Liability for all outside vendors. 8. Damages: Host agrees to conduct the function in an orderly manner and assumes the responsibility for any and all damages caused by any personnel under the employ of event host and/or invitees/guests of the event, except to the extent arising out of or resulting from the negligence or willful misconduct of Perfumarie, its employees, agents, contractors or representatives. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized use of equipment. Unauthorized use or misuse will result in an automatic minimum $250 fee added to the final bill. Any moving of furniture, in any area of the Studio, must be approved and coordinated by Perfumarie Management prior to the event. All Furniture removal is subject to a minimum $100 production and storage fee. Please see attached form if applicable. 9. Logo Use: Perfumarie Management must approve the use of the logo, in any printed or promotional material, in advance. The guest agrees to submit a copy of any printed materials (example: guest invitation) using our logo for approval. 10. Commerce: Any sales transactions or donations need to be approved by Perfumarie Management at time of booking. 11. Outside Food and Liquor: There is no outside beverage or food to be brought into Perfumarie unless previously approved by management. If beverage and/or food are approved, they are subject to an outside catering and corkage fee of $15/bottle. 12. Service Charge: A service charge of 20% or $125 per server/bartender, whichever is greater, will be added to the final invoice. 13. Lost or Stolen Items: Perfumarie is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. All items brought in for the event should be taken away at the contracted end time. 14. Audio-Visual: All AV must be tested 24 hours before the event date. If A/V is not tested the event is subject to cancellation. The equipment that is tested must be the same equipment used on the day of the event. 15. Indemnity: You shall indemnify and hold Perfumarie, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, and representatives forever harmless from, and against, any and all personal injury, property damage, loss, liability or claim of liability, expenses, fines and penalties including reasonable legal fees caused by any wrongful or negligent act, error or omission by you, your guests, invitees, agents, delegates or representatives, arising out of or in connection with your function, except those claims arising out of the sole negligence or willful misconduct of Perfumarie.